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Preparing For Your Studio Newborn Session

You're getting newborn photos done, and you want to make sure they go as smoothly as possible. First of all, that's so friggen kind and this photographer thanks the crap out of you for wanting to think ahead! Newborn sessions with us can take anywhere from 1.5 - 3 hours in length. It depends on cooperation of baby, other kids, parents (just kidding... sometimes) and these tips are here to help save time, or give you the most from your session.

So hear are some tips to help your session go as smoothly as possible!

1. Give your baby a good big feed before your session

Seriously, the more milk drunk you can get baby the sleepier they are and the easier it is to pose and wrap your little one. If you're traveling or didn't have time to feed, absolutely no worries, bring a bottle or just prepare to give your little one a snack during the session. It's completely normal and happens more than you think.

2. Bring a soother

Even if your baby hasn't taken a soother before, or if you think your baby doesn't like a soother, bring one juuuuuuust in case. Sucking soothes babies, it's a very comforting thing for them to do so when they're being posed or put into funny positions like a bucket they can get cranky and a soother can help them settle.

3. Bribing Toddlers is Encouraged

I'm only slightly joking, but seriously any type of reward for your big kid can help get those sibling photos you're hoping for. But remember, kids are kids, and toddlers have BIG opinions and emotions, so do your best not to get frustrated. I will try and work some magic as well, but at the end of the day I want photos to be a fun experience for your little one.

4. Let me know about sentimental items beforehand

I absolutely LOOOOOVE when you bring sentimental items to your session. Items that create a unique and meaningful photo is something I encourage you to do! However, let me know beforehand so I can start letting those creative juices flowing and think about how to make these photos extra special for you!

5. Dress in solid colours with no logos and minimal patterns

Parents, this one is for you! I get asked about what to wear to sessions and I wish I was a fashion guru, but alas I am a black legging, bunnyhug wearing, messy-bun kinda gal. I do know one thing though, is that solid colours with no logos or outfits without crazy patterns usually make for the best results in photos! I also wouldn't recommend wearing the exact same thing. Whatever you wear make sure you feel comfortable and confident in, because the better YOU feel for photos the more you're going to shine.

Those are all my tips that I have for you! Remember babies cry. They poop. They pee. They vomit. It happens more times than I can count. Just try and enjoy the session as much as you can and know that at the end of the day babies will do their own thing.

My job is to roll with the punches, take on challenges, and give you photos of your sweet little one for you to cherish for a lifetime. And if there are ANY concerns always ask! As you can tell by the way I type I love to talk and ramble, so any chance I get to talk to a grown up and not a sassy three year old (three-nagers I tell ya) I always love the opportunity to assist my clients in anyway possible.

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